The Collective is a group of change agents, social disruptors and unapologetic leaders trying to make a difference. It is made up of determined individuals fighting to make their world a better place. Launching in March, The Collective will bring those leaders together for a monthly gathering to share ideas, learn from proven social innovators and create a community of like-minded passionate advocates. We only want people who share a desire to Change Everything.

Who should apply to The Collective?

We are looking for nonprofit leaders – at any stage in their careers – dedicated to their causes. You can be employed by a nonprofit organization or you can be someone who devotes all of your time to one. We want individuals who don’t just talk about making a difference, but who are out in the community fighting for it. 

If you’re hungry to change the world…

If you’ve ever been told you talk too much about your passions…

If you want to shift lives for the better…

We want to hear from you. 



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What makes a good leader?

If you could change one thing about Central Florida, what would it be?

What do you hope to learn from other leaders who are part of The Collective?

What are the ways you’ve had an impact on the community?

Describe one failure you’ve experienced.

Name one more person who you think should be invited to join The Collective.